New Blog = New inspiration ♥

You probably haven't noticed, but I added a few new blogs in the "Favorites". Blogs that I recently discovered and that I love. Let me explain you why...

The first blog is: Because I'm addicted
I like this blog because of its diversity; fashion, trend reports, beauty tips, DIY, even recipes! Directly from California, Geri and her blog give me affordable ideas and inspiration. I'll definitely try the DIY geometric necklace and the glitter sandwich cookies for Christmas! Go take a look. ♥

The second one is: Confession of a buyer
Sarinah is the passionate buyer for both Ultimate skate shop and fashion boutique MissU/UMan. Her blog is all about an everyday lifestyle. You'll discover her friends, her inspirations, her new clothes, her works, her favorites places and restaurants around Granby and Montreal and much more! Easy and fun to follow, let's sneak a peek in Sarinah's life. ♥

Last but not least: Tuula Vintage
This blog is officially my new favorites blog! The girl is absolutely gorgeous and what can I say about her style? Nothing, it's perfect! The young australian name Jessica (you see the connection here) share with her readers her daily looks and her travels... lots of travels (make me dream more than I need)! She's also a vintage fan (second connection). Follow her for her good addresses around the world and for more good ideas. ♥

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