Dior Addict ♥

I'm back from 2 days in Hampton Beach, it's not St-Tropez, but I feel like Daphne in this video. Dior really knows how to make good video, it makes me feel all happy and girly! I love it and hope you do so. Thanks to one of my favorite blog (ilovewildfox) for sharing the love.  :)


Insight Fall 2012 ♥

As you know, I'm a big fan of Insight. And now more than ever with this cool 80's kid inspired collection. We received a few style in store (more to come) and I can't help myself, I wanna buy everything! I also saw the spring collection for next year and let me tell you that Insight is like a good wine... it become better with years. Thanks to Laura May for designing such beautiful pieces. Here's a few photos from their lookbook and THE jacket I Couldn't resist: The Huntress Bomber in faux suede 


Lana for H&M ♥

I'm not a huge fan of H&M, but choosing Lana Del Rey for this collection was the best move ever! I think they could have done a better job with the clothes and the photo shoot, but Lana embody the modern 50's (if thats possible) and thats what give the tone to the collection. Inspired by the 50's and created for today! Her detached look makes her looks like a doll and I really like it. I know it's almost fall, but keep your pastel close, because I can feel winter is not done with them yet (thanks god). 


OPI - Don't Pretzel My Buttons ♥

The last OPI collection Germany launched with 12 new colors for fall.
My fav? Don't Pretzel My Buttons!
In other words, beige.
I just love that nude effect. It's subtile and chic.
Perfect with both vibrant or soft color.


Blog Crush - Sincerely Jules ♥

I was exploring the World Wide Web, when I discovered Julie's blog: Sincerely Jules. And that's the story of how I spent 3 hours doing nothing that day! (I stopped when the post dated from 2009 if you know what I mean.) I couldn't stop pressing the NEXT button. The girl is gorgeous and she knows how to dress! I'm so inspired by my own wardrobe right now, probably because she use a lot of basics and stuff I have, like army jacket, denim vest, leather jacket, plaid shirt, summer dresses and t-shirts. But I love the most about this LA blogger, is that event when she wear something very expensive, she do it unpretentiously, it's always easy to paste and copy for our everyday style. 

Sincerely Jules, I'm having a big crush on you!


Zara Fall 2012 Teaser ♥

I forgot to share the teaser of the Zara's fall 2012 collection featuring the gorgeous Cara Delevingne for  TRF and Freja Beha for Women, so here it is!


Zara Fall ♥

Once again, I went on Zara's website just to sneak a peek at the new collection, and I should not have! It's always like that when I shop online;  my life turn into a fiction movie where I have all the money in the world even when I'm broke as @uck! So it was a real torture. I think it's a girls issue that starts when we were young with Barbie. Actually, shopping online feels exactly like choosing clothes for the famous doll. Of course, I wish I was Barbie here, but lets be honest, I don't have 5 foot long legs! Anyways, if I had 871,17$ in the bank, here is what I'd do with it.

 Army shirt 79,90$

 White jeans 99,90$

 Studded leather jacket 299$

Jacket 219$

 Jeans with detail 59,90$


Osheaga 2012 ♥

A little late, but better now than ever! Last weekend, I was to the biggest music festival in Montreal; OSHEAGA. I saw a lot of my favorite artists and discover new ones too. Florence and The Machines, Dum Dum Girls, Bombay Bicycle Club, Of Monsters and Men, Gary Clark Jr, City and Colour, Metric, Justice, Black Keys just to name a few. It was awesome! Here's some photos I took during my 2 days there.


Dum Dum Girls

Florence and The Machines



 The Black Keys

 The Black Keys

People's style:

 Pink lips cuty

 The wild one


Kitsch Magazine Fall 2012 ♥

How are you? 
aaaaahh... please don't be mad, I had a good reason! 
YES, I was working on the last Kitsch Magazine for Fall. 
See, I told you it was a good reason. 
Hooo now you wanna sneak a peek at it hen!! 
Well ... okay, 
but just the cover, 
You'll have to wait till thursday to the all thing.