Collar ♥

I've always been a manual person, an artist too. I remember the first time I DIYed something; I was ten and I made my entire Halloween custume. I wanted to be a punk and all the custume were so cheesy, that I asked my mom if I could borrowed her vintage jeans jacket... I really used the word borrowed so she couldn't doubt I was gonna draw anarchy signs all over! So with my mom's jacket, a old pair of jeans and my pack of 20 crayola, I made the most incredible halloween custume ever. Yep, my mom wasn't that happy when she saw her jacket full of peace and smilley, but she helped me finish the look with colored hair (probably manic panic cause I was so blond that my hair were white at that time. I remember the colors - orange, pink and purple, were really bright and my mom was freaking out because she thought I couldn't go to school for at least a week). And here I was... A real punk! And since then, I DIY a lot of things. My last one was yesturday, when I made a studded collar shirt. I really like the chic style of the shirt with that edgy and trashy twist. I have a couple studs left so I thought that I could try it on a floral print shirt too. I really think that studs add character to girly stuff, and you know how I enjoy mixing styles, so you'll probably see me wearring one of those real soon. Here is a couple ideas and inspiration:

 There's so many size and shape of studs you can use,
pyramid, rectangle, round, flat, spike, bold, and a lot more!
Here, the studs are separate for a none loaded effect.

 When here, the studs are stick together for a bolder look.
I like the idea of studding the outline... Brilliant!

 I love the studded tips!

 If you don't wanna stud your shirt, you can have the same look with necklaces!

 Studs are nice, but for a perfect girly look, pearls are amazing!

This is a really nice idea because you can switch it on all you favorite shirts.
You probably can make it with earrings and chain.


Wildfox again and again ♥

Seriously, I can't get enough of Wildfox. The fits, the style, the fabrics, the quality... Everything about it makes me happy! It feels like luxury to me, maybe because it's the most expensive my budget can afford ... Well my budget can't really afford it, but I love it so much, that I'd rather skip a night out than missing such a nice feeling. It's like buying a piece of  magic! Ok now I'm being emotional... You see! I love Wildfox as much as I love dessert (and it's healthier!!!) So here is my latest splurge:

Totally me, I know!


Happy Sunday with Chanel ♥

What's better than painting my nails on a sunday morning?!
Painting my nails with Pouding (my kitten) while Julien (my boyfriend) cooks breakfast on sunday morning!!!
Life's good! And makes me feel like this clip... Bravo Chanel, BRAVO!!!!


Wildfox Jewelry ♥

Wildfox jewelry is now for sale at the boutique and it's sells like crazy!
Who could blame it, it's the perfect spring and summer accessories. 
The girly touch that I needed right now!!!

My personal choices
Charming isn't it?!


My picks from Vegas ♥

You've been many asking me if I did a little shopping in Vegas which of course I did... So here are my picks from Las Vegas:

 What's the first thing you buy in Vegas?
The only thing you forgot! Sunglasses from UO
And since I'm a nail polish addicted, I couldn't resist those 2 colors!

 Passing by Forever 21, I fell in love with this blazer!
The boyish style, the soft color, the fit and the PRICE!!! 27,50$ Helllooooo!!!!!

 And what about this stripe shirt... 14,50$!!!!
I should have buy 2 of those!
I am so into black and white stripe right now... Simply love it!

 My everyday must : Dior moisturizing cream

 My first vintage pick: Faux fur vest

 Second vintage pick: Grandpa cardigan
Perfect with tight skinny jeans and a white tee!

And last but not least: Silver and lilac sweater.
Simple and confortable, what can I ask for?!


PROJECT & MAGIC - I let my heart in Vegas ♥

We are back, and really tired, but it was worth it! We've seen so many beautiful things and new brands that you will love to shop. We came back with full of ideas and we can't wait to share all this with you guys! It was such an inspiring trip... I'd go back anytime! I didn't post on my blog every day like I said, because I had no place for my computer, BUT, I think that me and Stephanie did a really good job on facebook and twitter! So the Project is a giant trade show where all the brands are gater at one place. Well 2 places, because we've been to the Project and the Magic. Thoses are 2 shows organised by the same people in association. To give you an idea, it's like walking 15 times the Costco in 3 days. We stop at every interesting booth because we were there chasing new brands for our lovely custumers. The Project was taking place in the Mandala Bay Hotel, so we deceided to lodge there. It was beautiful! We took the last 2 days to shop and visit, it was amazing. People are so nice in Vegas, I wasn't expecting that at all so it was a great surprise! We went to the cirque du soleil show LOVE on valentine's day, and finished at Marquee for the Project Party, it was crazy! We ate in good restaurants like Mon Amie Gaby and Border Grill. That's pretty much our travel, take a look at the photos:

 Project Love
The tradeshow was surrounded by giant piece of art made with grocery cart and plant!

Motel's stripes booth at Project

My favorite moment of the trip was definitely when I accidentally met Olivia, one of my favorite blogger, 
at best restaurant of Las Vegas: Mon amie Gaby!
Her outfit was stunning (as usual) and she was very sympathic (make me like her even more!)
Take a look at her blog: Lust for life in my favorite...

VIP Party at Marquee (Crazyyyyyyy)

15$ Drinks (Better be good!!!)

Chilling in front of the Bellagio

Bye Bye Vegas (See you soon ;)


Las Vegas ♥

Like some of you already know, I'm leaving for Las Vegas tonight. I'll go with my best friends and partner Stephanie not to party, but to attend the Project show. We'll go find more exclusivities for the boutique and meet people of the industry.  It's a business trip, but we've planed to have a little bit of fun. On my Vegas shopping list: make up, something vintage and maybe some Jeffrey Campbell. I'll be posting everyday, so stay tuned on our facebook and twitter and my blog of course. 


The Kooples ♥

The Kooples is a perfect marriage between London & Paris. It's chic and stylish at the same time. Their clothes are french vintage inspired with a touch of London rock&roll, the result is bold and very unique. I really like the style, the quality,as well as the website and the campaigns, all their branding is fantastic! For their last winter campaigns, they took real couples to shoot the clothes instead of models, which is pretty awesome. You can see the campaign on the website with videos of the lovely couples HERE on the website and of course, shopping! 


Plaid ♥

I am so into plaid right now. I already bought a scrunchy and a shirt in that print and I don't wanna be too much so I try to stop buying plaid stuff, but this maxi skirt from Unif is in my mine for a couple weeks so... we'll see what happen ;) I love plaid because it's multipurpose. It's perfect for a confy outfit as much as a trashy look or in a classy style (like Burberry for example). AND, it's nice on everything from hair accessories to shoes, PLUS each time you change the size or the color of the plaid, it's totally different! Are you convinced?, cause I am!