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I've always been a manual person, an artist too. I remember the first time I DIYed something; I was ten and I made my entire Halloween custume. I wanted to be a punk and all the custume were so cheesy, that I asked my mom if I could borrowed her vintage jeans jacket... I really used the word borrowed so she couldn't doubt I was gonna draw anarchy signs all over! So with my mom's jacket, a old pair of jeans and my pack of 20 crayola, I made the most incredible halloween custume ever. Yep, my mom wasn't that happy when she saw her jacket full of peace and smilley, but she helped me finish the look with colored hair (probably manic panic cause I was so blond that my hair were white at that time. I remember the colors - orange, pink and purple, were really bright and my mom was freaking out because she thought I couldn't go to school for at least a week). And here I was... A real punk! And since then, I DIY a lot of things. My last one was yesturday, when I made a studded collar shirt. I really like the chic style of the shirt with that edgy and trashy twist. I have a couple studs left so I thought that I could try it on a floral print shirt too. I really think that studs add character to girly stuff, and you know how I enjoy mixing styles, so you'll probably see me wearring one of those real soon. Here is a couple ideas and inspiration:

 There's so many size and shape of studs you can use,
pyramid, rectangle, round, flat, spike, bold, and a lot more!
Here, the studs are separate for a none loaded effect.

 When here, the studs are stick together for a bolder look.
I like the idea of studding the outline... Brilliant!

 I love the studded tips!

 If you don't wanna stud your shirt, you can have the same look with necklaces!

 Studs are nice, but for a perfect girly look, pearls are amazing!

This is a really nice idea because you can switch it on all you favorite shirts.
You probably can make it with earrings and chain.

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