Surprise Party ♥

Last saturday night, I had a surprise party... a real one! A Western theme party that started at my place and has finished at the Saloon in Magog (this place is insane, you must go). A lot of people were there and the atmosphere was totally crazy. Everybody dressed up like a cowboys and cowgirls with braids, fringes, plaid shirt, guns and hats! My hat was the best: baby blue with sequin all around and a crown on top. I was the princess cowgirl of the night and I enjoyed it! We danced (on country songs), we have ridden the bull and we drank (a lot)! I made new friends, some were 20 years old, others were 60 years old, but they were all lovely and very generous too! My friends also hired a cowboy for the evening... Yes, that kind of cowboy (see photos below!!!!). Hahaha it was CRAZY! I really have the best friends in the world!!! Thanks again and again, I HAD THE GREATEST TIME !!!


Vintage Guns N Roses ♥

I bought this vintage Guns N Roses tee since a couple weeks now, but I just received it! I was looking for one of those for a long time now, so when I saw it on eBay, I immediately call my friend Christina! Why? Because I don't have any eBay account and because I'm really bad with that kind of buying. But fortunately, she took care of everything. I have to say thanks again! 

I'll cut the sleeves wide for an open side effect and it'll be perfect with my red wine velvet jeans and a black blazer for a trashy classy look that I like so much. 


The next big thing - LANA DEL REY ♥

This girl is just AMAZING, her voice, her style, her face... I'm obsess! It's sunday today and it's also my day off, so I'm gonna do nothing and listen to the song "Born to die" on repeat for a couple hours (try not have the chills while looking at the clip) and then, I'll switch to "blue Jeans" for another couple hours and I'll go on and on again! Sounds like a good plan to me. Do like me and enjoy your sunday. 


My birthday ♥

Here we are... after weeks of waiting, today's the day, my birthday! I was so excited this morning when my BFF Stephanie picked me up with flowers! She knows how to make me happy. That was just the beginning, because during the day, more flowers were delivered from my mom at the boutique and William brought me this decadent chocolate cake. He thought of everything, even the candle! Plus, when Katherine arrived for her shift at the boutique, she gave me macaroons (my favorites from Choco-Là)! Not to mention my phone and my Facebook who both want to explode!!! I wanna thanks everybody for this amazing day! I really felt like a princess because of you all. So that's it, I'm now an happy 23 years old girl with the most amazing entourage. 


Another birthday gift ♥

This one come from a good friend of mine, Raluca. Her mom specially knit this for me, how sweet is that! This circle scraf is just PERFECT! <3 Thanks again my friend!

My inspiration


My last crush ♥

I felt in love with a leather jacket AGAIN!... But this one is not like the one I already have! I bought this one at Gaelle Leroyer's 2nd blog anniversary. I was helping for the fashion show when I first saw it on one of the models. I couldn't stop thinking about it so at the end of the night, I bring it home. This beautiful vintage leather fringe jacket came from Citizen Vintage, a vintage boutique from Montreal that I wan to visit for months (5330 St-Laurent). This is probably the best vintage piece I ever own and a special birthday treat from myself  

My inspiration
And this is THE one!

 Here is Pouding, playing with the fringes!   
(I'am official a cat addict! Sorry guys to bother you with this.)


What a girl want ♥

I now know that my boyfriends reads my blog, because I received the best early birthday present ever! Let me introduce you Pouding, my lovely kitty!  


When dreams come true ♥

Last year, when me and Julien have decided to move in together, it was already clear that space would be a problem. We looked for an other apartment, but my place was way more affordable and nice that any other rent that we'd visited. Plus, I have to admit, I din't wanted to move somewhere else, because of the vibe. You know when you feel connected to a place, when you feel good somewhere... That's what my apartment is. So we decided to make some changes... good changes! Like painting the living room and maximize the clothing space. I had this idea which was more like a dream and Julien had the skills and the tools. I think that's why we are a perfect team; I'm the brain and he's the slave! But seriously, I can't be more grateful of what my amazing boyfriend/sexy carpenter/lovely roommate did in there! This is the result of many fights and a lot of love!



Result of shooping NYC!

Here is what I bring from NYC:

 Nars make up 

 Influence book by the Olsen

 What I was curious to read

 New rings (Boyfriend's gift ♥)

 Burgundy sweater & short

 Dream catcher tank top

 Confy sweater & heart earrings 

Two shirts from UO

To spend a little:

 Aritzia - 524 Broadway - $$$ from $$$$$

Brandy Meleville -  83 Spring St. - $ 

Buffalo Exchange - 332 East 11th St. ou 114 West 26th St. - $ 
(vintage & used clothing  real Aladdin's cave!) 

To take a bite:

Soho Park - 62 Prince (corner Lafayette) - $$
Best burger ever! 

Dos Caminos - $$ 
Modern mexican food 
675 Hudson St. (corner W. 14th St.)
475 Broadway (corner Houston) 
& 2 other locations

You can't not go to Starbucks (I'm a fan!)

Paparazzi shoot while waiting for the elevator.

Finally, I found this photo on the net and I can't agree more!


Desserts & Fashion ♥

The montreal photographer, Jessica  Milan came up with a perfect blog (according to me), who gather 2 things that I love; desserts and fashion. Food will never look so good with her amazingly beautiful friends as models. The recipes are simple and the best thing is that all the desserts are vegan! You will be inspired by the looks and dishes. Just in time for the new year resolutions ... thanks to the cook! Visit lookbookcookbook.com or don't, depending of your resolutions ;)

I also wish you a sweet new year ♥