Surprise Party ♥

Last saturday night, I had a surprise party... a real one! A Western theme party that started at my place and has finished at the Saloon in Magog (this place is insane, you must go). A lot of people were there and the atmosphere was totally crazy. Everybody dressed up like a cowboys and cowgirls with braids, fringes, plaid shirt, guns and hats! My hat was the best: baby blue with sequin all around and a crown on top. I was the princess cowgirl of the night and I enjoyed it! We danced (on country songs), we have ridden the bull and we drank (a lot)! I made new friends, some were 20 years old, others were 60 years old, but they were all lovely and very generous too! My friends also hired a cowboy for the evening... Yes, that kind of cowboy (see photos below!!!!). Hahaha it was CRAZY! I really have the best friends in the world!!! Thanks again and again, I HAD THE GREATEST TIME !!!

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