When dreams come true ♥

Last year, when me and Julien have decided to move in together, it was already clear that space would be a problem. We looked for an other apartment, but my place was way more affordable and nice that any other rent that we'd visited. Plus, I have to admit, I din't wanted to move somewhere else, because of the vibe. You know when you feel connected to a place, when you feel good somewhere... That's what my apartment is. So we decided to make some changes... good changes! Like painting the living room and maximize the clothing space. I had this idea which was more like a dream and Julien had the skills and the tools. I think that's why we are a perfect team; I'm the brain and he's the slave! But seriously, I can't be more grateful of what my amazing boyfriend/sexy carpenter/lovely roommate did in there! This is the result of many fights and a lot of love!


3 commentaires:

  1. Euh... je suis TRÈS jaloux là! ;)

  2. I know!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm the luckiest girl on earth (to have a talented and lovely boyfriend!)