Nasty Gal Inspiration ♥

I am on nasty gal website more often that I should, BUT I swear, it's not always for shopping! Well, they got me some times, but mostly, I visit the site for inspiration. The buyers, stylists, models and photographers do a fabulous job in there and I appreciate it as a blogger for my personal style. Here is a few photos that inspired me on my last visit:

And what about their last photoshoot! REALLY??!!!


Society6 ♥

If you're looking for an Iphone case, you will find it on society6.com! More than 5000 models for your Iphone and Ipad. All of the print you will see are from artists: graphic design, photograph and drawing. And all the case are 35$. I have visit this site before for artist print and I've notice the Iphone case section but didn't really toke a look at it since my friend Audrey tells me she ordered one. After spending approximately 3 hours on the site, here is my pre-selection. Please help me to choose, leave me a comment and tell me which one is your favorite. I really need help on this one! 

For the moment, my heart goes on pizza faces and quarter moon... 
or full moon, or the cloudy sky in the circle,
Please help!


New ♥

Went shopping today. The result: New shoes and new book!

Aldo 80$
Renaud Bray 30$


Casual Chic ♥

I'm drooling over these photos. This is exactly how I wanna dress these days. How cool, chic and casual  these outfits looks?! I like the socks in the loafers and the roll up pants with heels. Perfect trend for fall. 

BFF Contest ♥

I forgot, we also launched a new contest at the shop: 1000$ of Wildfox clothing for you and your BFF plus a 1000$ photoshoot by Colimacie Studio and a dinner at La Toquade. Your hair and make up will be done by professionals from L'espace 204 for the occasion. For more details, visit our facebook page:


Hampton Beach ♥

Hey! Did you miss me? I know, I should post a little more on the blog, but I'm so busy these days, I'm really sorry. I also took 3 days off to go to the beach with my friends. That was awesome. It was Karolina's birthday so we enjoyed bubble and mimosa all day. I've learned how to surf (I kind of LOVE IT!) with Stephanie and had my first sunburn of the summer. It was so much fun that we plan  to go back in August. 

The girls also known as The "minou" crew ♥ (Because we all call each other "Minou")
From left to right: Karolina, Roxanne, Barbara, Me and Stéphanie


New sandals ♥

I bought these last week for 30$ at H&M. I'm wearing them today with my Unif muscle tee and my beanpole art jeans by Insight. OPI Mod about you on my toes.