Bonadrag ♥

I buy online a lot for a girls who own a clothing boutique and lately, I shopped on BONADRAG.com and I wanted to tell you how great my shopping experience was because it's not always that great. I had to ask a question and the answer was quick and precise. Same thing with the order confirmation and purchase confirmation, plus they added a personal mixtape as a surprise in my box. I swear I felt like I just win the lottery when I saw this unexpected gift. By the way, the songs are great! That's those little things that makes us re-order again and again. And brides to be... you don't wanna miss the ceremonial collection which is to die for! You should visit their website for exclusive and beautiful clothing/accessories as well as following them on Instagram for inspiration! I highly recommend them!

Here's me and Pouding chilling to the sounds of Bonadrag.


Jeffrey Campbell - The Pizan ♥

If you follow my blog for a while, you'll remember the post I made on may 25th on the Jeffrey Campbell Pizan in cat tapestry, which is an exclusivity between JC and an amazing online boutique call Bonadrag. Well it took me all my saving time to order them, but FINALLY, I got them! I've decided to buy a pair of shoe as my christmas outfit instead of a dress like every year. The reason is simple; I never wear these dresses more than once, which is a total waste. In the other hand, I'll wear these heels with an old dress for christmas as well as for a casual friends night out paired with jeans or legging. 


Wishlist for Christmas ♥

Here's a couple gifts ideas for my boyfriend, friends, family or excessive fan who read my blog (we never know!). But seriously, I'm craving these things and you'll understand why...

This House Of Harlow skull and pearl ring 

These amazing tarot cards from The Wild Unknown 
40$ here

A studded case for my soon to be IPad. 
I don't ask for this Louboutin case, but if you are ready to pay 795$... 
here it is!

The perfectly sexy and comfortable outfit for my day off;
 a Stone Cold Fox robe in black 
150$ here

And finally, this quartz necklace from Jane&Rye in silver 
42$ available at Kitsch.


Studded Collar ♥

New in my wardrobe: this white see through studded collar shirt by C'est Moi! Just in time for the holidays. Looks great paired with a high waist skirt and heels. The back splits at the end to show the back which is sexy compared to the front who have to be button up. The studded collar tips are perfect to be worn under a knit for a preppy style. We still have a couple size in white and in black if you are interested!


Dior ♥

I went to the drugstore today and I shouldn't go. I don't know yet if it's ends well or not, because the compulsive buyer that I am is quite satisfy with her new beauty products and she's almost sure that she made a pretty sweet deal there, but on the other hand, her banking account is crying right now. So let me explain you how it all happened. I first went to the drugstore because I needed moisturizing cream for my face which is already expensive because I use one from Dior. (I can't help it, it's the best damn cream I ever had.) And then, the lady who works in the cosmetic told me about the promotion they have: buy 75$ and more and double your points on your fidelity card. (I love those cards!) The cream was already 65$ so I was like "okay, lets buy something that cost 10 boxes and go home" But for those of you who never been in a make up store, because it's not really drugstore anymore, they put fancy sh*t in there like Dior, Lancôme, Smash box, etc. My point is, those things aren't cheap, and you can't find something that only cost 10$!!! They knew! They just knew right there, they were gonna ripped me off. I didn't want to be poor while going back home, I just wanted my face to feel good and healthy you know, so I tried. I shopped for something cheap during 15 minutes and while I tried to find a 10$ product to double my fidelity points, I discovered an other product that was really awesome, and an other one and an other one and then I had my damn points and no more money!!!! That's how it happen. I swear, I didn't see it coming but what can I say... Thanks Dior?!


6 New Ways to Energize | Beach Riot ♥

Here's a skoop, Kitsch will be hosting a new swimwear brand call Beach Riot this spring. You already know the designer Nicole Hanriot from her previous company Tavik Swimwear and the Beach Riot collections are even more funny and feminin (if that's possible!). I can't wait to show you the piece we've choose for the boutique! Till then, you could visit the website and read the really inspiring article just in time for the daylight saving time that is always rough. So let's follow the wise energizing tips from the Beach Riot gals.

6 New Ways to Energize | Beach Riot


Teaser Kitsch - Holiday 2012 ♥

TAAAADDDDAAAAAMMMMMMM! Here it is, we did our photoshoot a couple weeks ago and it's now time to release both the photoshoot and the magazine. But for today, here's a little teaser of what you'll see soon. We'll be launching the Holiday photos on Facebook and on my blog this thursday (9/11/12) and the magazine we'll be available at the boutique tomorrow as well. Get inspired for holidays!


Jane & Rye ♥

Hi everyone! Watch out, this is gonna be an heavy post full of love because I recently discover my new favorite jewelry company: Jane & Rye. Seriously everything they do is amazing. The girls are passionate and creative. You'll see be your self, here is the photoshoot and the teaser for their last collection and guess what? YEP! It's now avalaible at Kitsch. You can also order on theire website right here.