Style Stalker dress ♥

I gotta say, I'm not a dresses person, In fact, I have 5 dresses which 2 of them are for weddings and 1 maxi for summer. Every time I try one on, I feel uncomfortable in it like I'm overdress or trying to hard to be feminine when I'm not that much. Well I gotta thank Style Stalker for this because I feel totally good in this one! This new dress is the reason why I needed ankle boots. Pair together with an hat and you got a stylish and effortless look. Don't need much accessories because the dress itself is a master piece. I love the hippie trashy chic look of this outfit. I also add a burgundy knit over the dress and take out the collar for a preppy grunge look.   



Well, Hello there! ♥

You know love at first sight? It happened to me 3 weeks ago while shopping at Urban Outfitters with friends in Montreal. When I saw them (both of them) I knew we'll be a perfect match! These ankle boots are just perfect. And the funny thing is that before going shopping, I was saying I needed ankle boots, and you know that when you shop for something in particular, you find everything except what you are looking for. But not this time, this time it was meant to be! And you know when you're shopping and you see something you really like and you're like I'll have to eat Kraft Dinner for 2 months to afford it... well I didn't need to do that. In fact, the price was more than reasonable... 100$ for these Chloé inspired booties. SOLD!   



Obsessed with camo! ♥

It's not a secret anymore... I was obsessed with camo for the last couple months. Probably because I couldn't found the jacket/shirt I was looking for. Till almost 1 month ago when I saw the perfect one on the blog Sincerely Jules (God I like that blog!). The shirt was from Zara so I instantly took a trip to St-Bruno to get it but when I arrived... My dreamy shirt was full of ugly bling bling. You know the one I'm talking about: colorful, extremely big and cheap. I was a little bit desperate, but then I had a great idea... I'd just remove them! I won't let a couples bling bling ruined my almost perfect shirt. By the way, Zara really have the flair for bling... NOT! A couple friends of mine bought another army jacket from Zara with a ton of little white diamonds on it! So Zara, let me explain you something: If I wanna buy an oversize army jacket for fall, I don't want it to look like it's made for a 5 years old! Anyway, the camo shirt/jacket/vest is an essential for fall, even late fall and here is mine (I love it)! Oh and sorry for not posting, I'm real busy these times.