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My bff Stephanie was off duty this week and it's appear that she left me all alone in Sherbrooke for a shopping blast in NYC with other bff Audrey! Yes, I was extremely jealous, but because she's the best bff in the world, she thought of me and my last post and she bought me this perfect gift. This one is even better than the one I've spotted! She's really the best. I know you had fun just the 2 of you, but next time, I'm coming with you in the city! Thanks again darling, you've made my day 

Babes in NYC

The gift


Wanted ♥

Here is my most wanted list:

These 3 dagger rings are simply amazing,
Buy them here for 90$


I'm really into eagle right now and this muscle tee is just perfect!
From Brandy Melville only 25$ here.

This blazer from Stella McCartney resort 2013 hit me like a rock.
I absolutely need one! (You bet not a Stella McCartney though) ...


News Blogs ♥

I don't know if you saw, but I added new blogs in my favorites. With new season comes new inspirations! So here's they are:

 Elin is the woman behind the magazine StyleBy and like I said in a previous post, she is perfect! Her life and her style really inspires me and. That's why you saw her on my blog a couple times, be warned, many more Elin Kling to come in this blog.

Columbine Smille works with Elin Kling for StyleBy magazine. I can't say that I will dress the way she do, but I find some interesting trend and idea on her blog, plus her live style is pretty much what I like the most; she blogs between an interview with Jean Paul Gaultier in Paris and a Norwegian photo shoot.

This girl from Melbourne, Australia, is simply inspiring. She post the best editorial and all the fashion collection and lookbook. From haute couture to accessible brand, her blog is the place to see the fashion trends. 

 With DIY (do it yourself) as specialties, those 2 girls will wake up your creative mind. You will find so much stuff on their blog, from fashion to traveling passing by art and anything that will make you say "honestly, what the f...".

Designer of Stone Cold Fox, her blog is a tumblr of inspirational photos. You'll find nice images and inspiring quotations with a little bit of her own California life. Sometime trash, sometime girly, this blog is always full of new inspiration.

Another designer, for Wildfox this time, Emily Faulstich answers questions and share with us her amazing traveling photos. ATTENTION! It will make you want to travel like crazy. Don't say I didn't warn you! The good thing is going on through her blog is like traveling from Africa to London via Paris, stopping in Montego Bay and coming back to Los Angeles. 


Elin Kling ♥

Her style, her body, her personality and her job is perfect... well she's perfect (to me!) I'll prove it to you with this video, she's living the dream!  You can visit her blog in my favorites.


Skateboard ♥

I just find out this guy, Jeff Gaudinet! He make skate with famous Kate. His first project was called Skate Moss Project and the second one is Skate Upton Project. He definitely knows how to catch boys attention, because the skate sold out quickly. I don't know why though, did guys really like sport and sexy girls??? ;)

As a girl (and Kate Moss's fan), I have a big crush on this collection.
I could buy them and fix it on a wall as art. 

But for boys... These are, how to say... attractive?!
If I was a boy, I would have difficulties choosing between those 2: