Perfect Friday Night ♥

Hi everybody, I know that I don't post as much as I would like to, but it's a little crazy at the boutique with all the new spring collection coming in and you all buying it like crazy (don't stop by the way ;) plus I'm actually working on a couples exciting projects. What, now you want a scoop? (You sure do!) So here it is: We are shooting our summer collections on monday! I'll post exclusive behind the scene photos of our beautiful winner of "The next Kitsch model"! I've been working on this all week and now, Im really excited. Everything is ready for the big day so tonight, I take it easy with baby Pouding. Kind of a girls night at home <3 All I needed tonight was a confy knit, good music, a cup of David's tea and my 2 favorites fashion magazines; NYLON and JALOUSE. I hope you enjoy your night too.



Cara Delevingne ♥

Some people call her the new Twiggy, but I think that she's one of the new model's generation like Bambie.  She's not just the new face of Burberry but she's also becoming a real it girl. We can see her on the runway and in all the coolest fashion event.  She's very versatile and one of a kind. Her thick and dark eyebrows, her cheekbone and her eyes make her the incarnation of simplicity and beauty. Cara Delevigne is absolutly stunning on her photos, but also in her everyday life when you cross her on the street (and I love her style!). See by yourself.


Wildfox Magical Creatures ♥

For their pre-fall collection, Wildfox have created 3 magical creatures each representing a defferent style. My favorite is certainly Ella, but the whole collection makes me dream in a fairy way! The collection will be soon for sale at the boutique. Which Wildfox girl are you?

The entire photoshoot here
And don't forget to visit the http://magicalcreature.com/


Yellow ♥

Yellow reminds us the sun and today is definitely a day where we need to remember it so here it is...
(Hold on everyone, summer is around the corner ♥)


Mermaid Hair ♥

I did it! (Finally) I painted the tips of my hair pink. I never do anything risky with my hair and I have the same cut for about 10 years and I have my natural hair color so I needed a change but nothing I could regret... So I first bought a box of Manic Panic this summer and decided I was gonna use it for a special event which I tried 5 months later, but it did not work even if my hair are light. Then, I heard about Kevin Murphy and his Color Bug which is pretty amazing because it's "coloring your hair without commitment" like he says. So here we are 7 months later with my pink tips that I love! Plus, if I wash my hair tomorrow, it's gone! And I can use my Color Bug more that once. This product is really fantastic and cheap too. I bought mine at The Centre de Beauté l'Essentiel on Beaucage Street in Sherbrooke for 20$ with taxes, but you can find it in any salon that carry Kevin Murphy hair products. You can have it in orange, pink and purple. Here a little video of Kevin Murphy explaining how it's work and my photos.

 My pink Color Bug

 Final result: Mermaid Hair!

And here is the Mermaid Cat! 
(When she plays is my hair all night)


New StyleStalker ♥

I am totally in love with this new Australian brand we carry at the shop. And I'm certainly not the only one because there's nothing left of our first order. After seeing it on almost all the blog like (Tuula, Lost for life, and many others) it's now my turn to own a piece.  I've choose a loose shirt with this amazing blue paisley print. Perfect to wear over a bikini this summer (Yes, I'm already thinking about this!) or with a pair of jeans. This oversize shirt is longer in the back, so it's really nice to layer it with a dress or a skirt. The see through fabric add a touch of femininity and sexiness that's always welcome. Personally, I think that Australia has a way of seeing fashion that's really different and special in a very good way and I predict that StyleStalker will be very big in the next seasons. 

 Wearing by Jessica on her blog Tuula Vintage

The print ♥