Mermaid Hair ♥

I did it! (Finally) I painted the tips of my hair pink. I never do anything risky with my hair and I have the same cut for about 10 years and I have my natural hair color so I needed a change but nothing I could regret... So I first bought a box of Manic Panic this summer and decided I was gonna use it for a special event which I tried 5 months later, but it did not work even if my hair are light. Then, I heard about Kevin Murphy and his Color Bug which is pretty amazing because it's "coloring your hair without commitment" like he says. So here we are 7 months later with my pink tips that I love! Plus, if I wash my hair tomorrow, it's gone! And I can use my Color Bug more that once. This product is really fantastic and cheap too. I bought mine at The Centre de Beauté l'Essentiel on Beaucage Street in Sherbrooke for 20$ with taxes, but you can find it in any salon that carry Kevin Murphy hair products. You can have it in orange, pink and purple. Here a little video of Kevin Murphy explaining how it's work and my photos.

 My pink Color Bug

 Final result: Mermaid Hair!

And here is the Mermaid Cat! 
(When she plays is my hair all night)

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