Insight Beanpole Art ♥

Just got these amazing jeans by Insight. Printed jeans are absolutely amazing because it's give a stylish twist to any t-shirt in a second! I wear mine with a muscle tee for a relax fit or with a blazer for a 5 à 7.


Pretty Pleeeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeee ♥

If you follow my blog for a moment now, you know that I like Jeffrey Campbell, more specially this cat tapestry print. I really wanted the rumble booties with cats, but they wasn't available anywhere so my boyfriend bought them in black leather and then bought a cat for christmas and birthday and I have to admit that it was really wise, but... There's always a BUT: Again, I felt in love with this print. In a little more classy way this time with the not too pointy toe and the ankle strap. I start to think that I'll never be over it if I don't have it. Seriously, I'll look lovely in these! Pouding already loves them so much that she's licking the screen right now. And because me and Julien are soon gonna celebrate our 3 years anniversary, well I thought I'll just give him some ideas: THESE SHOES! (Model: The Pizan, size: 7) I promise, I'll let you know if that works for real!!! 


Heather gray ♥

I have a new crave, but this time, it will be easy to satisfy myself because it's just a simple t-shirt! I'm back to the basic with an heather gray t-shirt. I should be able to find one at H&M for a minimum price. It will be perfect for summer with color denim or like in these photos to add more casual to a blazer. I really like the mix of heather gray with soft pink and guess what?! I have a nice linen blazer just like this one! It will be so pretty to go out with friends or for a dinner with Julien. 


Tavik Swimwear ♥

I am now officially ready for summer with my new Tavik Swimwear! And so is the temperature because it's really sunny in Sherbrooke today and it feels good! I'll probably try it on for a little tanning session tomorrow with some friends. A special thanks for the Tavik girls for this gift. With this new one, my total of swimwear came up to 10!!! Is that too much??? Of course NOT!!!!! It's my third year wearing Tavik swimwear with a new one every year and I can say that quality last because I still wear them all. I chose a pastel tie dye bottom with a burgundy bandeau top that made the color pop. We have a beautiful selection at the shop so if you're looking for a new bikini this summer, you should come and take a look! Here is a sneak peak:

You can see the entire collection here on their Facebook


Sexy Shopping ♥

There's a lot going on this week with the Glossbar + Kitsch VIP sale tomorrow, but I took some time for me and did one of my favorite activity: shopping, yes, but more especially lingerie! Yep... I love underwear! And I was serve at La Vie en Rose. I chose panties, a pajamas and a sexy garter belt. Here my choices:

I also received this by mail
Thanks to Lynda & La Vie en Rose
This Pyjy is so comfortable!

Yes... I am that boring: All my panties are black!
With lace for a sexy touch.
And we never get enough of these right!?

Last but not least: my garter belt.
I want it one like that for a while now to wear under a short like this:


Rihanna by Terry Richardson ♥

Rihanna looks so hot (yes, even more than usual!) in these photos by Terry Richardson. I already love the guy as a photographer, but this shoot blow my mind. Simple, sexy and beautiful, I really like it!