Pretty Pleeeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeee ♥

If you follow my blog for a moment now, you know that I like Jeffrey Campbell, more specially this cat tapestry print. I really wanted the rumble booties with cats, but they wasn't available anywhere so my boyfriend bought them in black leather and then bought a cat for christmas and birthday and I have to admit that it was really wise, but... There's always a BUT: Again, I felt in love with this print. In a little more classy way this time with the not too pointy toe and the ankle strap. I start to think that I'll never be over it if I don't have it. Seriously, I'll look lovely in these! Pouding already loves them so much that she's licking the screen right now. And because me and Julien are soon gonna celebrate our 3 years anniversary, well I thought I'll just give him some ideas: THESE SHOES! (Model: The Pizan, size: 7) I promise, I'll let you know if that works for real!!! 

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