Obsessed with camo! ♥

It's not a secret anymore... I was obsessed with camo for the last couple months. Probably because I couldn't found the jacket/shirt I was looking for. Till almost 1 month ago when I saw the perfect one on the blog Sincerely Jules (God I like that blog!). The shirt was from Zara so I instantly took a trip to St-Bruno to get it but when I arrived... My dreamy shirt was full of ugly bling bling. You know the one I'm talking about: colorful, extremely big and cheap. I was a little bit desperate, but then I had a great idea... I'd just remove them! I won't let a couples bling bling ruined my almost perfect shirt. By the way, Zara really have the flair for bling... NOT! A couple friends of mine bought another army jacket from Zara with a ton of little white diamonds on it! So Zara, let me explain you something: If I wanna buy an oversize army jacket for fall, I don't want it to look like it's made for a 5 years old! Anyway, the camo shirt/jacket/vest is an essential for fall, even late fall and here is mine (I love it)! Oh and sorry for not posting, I'm real busy these times.

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