Bonadrag ♥

I buy online a lot for a girls who own a clothing boutique and lately, I shopped on BONADRAG.com and I wanted to tell you how great my shopping experience was because it's not always that great. I had to ask a question and the answer was quick and precise. Same thing with the order confirmation and purchase confirmation, plus they added a personal mixtape as a surprise in my box. I swear I felt like I just win the lottery when I saw this unexpected gift. By the way, the songs are great! That's those little things that makes us re-order again and again. And brides to be... you don't wanna miss the ceremonial collection which is to die for! You should visit their website for exclusive and beautiful clothing/accessories as well as following them on Instagram for inspiration! I highly recommend them!

Here's me and Pouding chilling to the sounds of Bonadrag.

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