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I went to the drugstore today and I shouldn't go. I don't know yet if it's ends well or not, because the compulsive buyer that I am is quite satisfy with her new beauty products and she's almost sure that she made a pretty sweet deal there, but on the other hand, her banking account is crying right now. So let me explain you how it all happened. I first went to the drugstore because I needed moisturizing cream for my face which is already expensive because I use one from Dior. (I can't help it, it's the best damn cream I ever had.) And then, the lady who works in the cosmetic told me about the promotion they have: buy 75$ and more and double your points on your fidelity card. (I love those cards!) The cream was already 65$ so I was like "okay, lets buy something that cost 10 boxes and go home" But for those of you who never been in a make up store, because it's not really drugstore anymore, they put fancy sh*t in there like Dior, Lancôme, Smash box, etc. My point is, those things aren't cheap, and you can't find something that only cost 10$!!! They knew! They just knew right there, they were gonna ripped me off. I didn't want to be poor while going back home, I just wanted my face to feel good and healthy you know, so I tried. I shopped for something cheap during 15 minutes and while I tried to find a 10$ product to double my fidelity points, I discovered an other product that was really awesome, and an other one and an other one and then I had my damn points and no more money!!!! That's how it happen. I swear, I didn't see it coming but what can I say... Thanks Dior?!

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