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If you're looking for an Iphone case, you will find it on society6.com! More than 5000 models for your Iphone and Ipad. All of the print you will see are from artists: graphic design, photograph and drawing. And all the case are 35$. I have visit this site before for artist print and I've notice the Iphone case section but didn't really toke a look at it since my friend Audrey tells me she ordered one. After spending approximately 3 hours on the site, here is my pre-selection. Please help me to choose, leave me a comment and tell me which one is your favorite. I really need help on this one! 

For the moment, my heart goes on pizza faces and quarter moon... 
or full moon, or the cloudy sky in the circle,
Please help!

3 commentaires:

  1. Le premier et le deuxième! <3

  2. AH en fin d'compte mon choix s'arrête sur le flamant rose =D

  3. love the store, thank you so much for mentioning, ordering my next laptop skin from here :D