My picks from Vegas ♥

You've been many asking me if I did a little shopping in Vegas which of course I did... So here are my picks from Las Vegas:

 What's the first thing you buy in Vegas?
The only thing you forgot! Sunglasses from UO
And since I'm a nail polish addicted, I couldn't resist those 2 colors!

 Passing by Forever 21, I fell in love with this blazer!
The boyish style, the soft color, the fit and the PRICE!!! 27,50$ Helllooooo!!!!!

 And what about this stripe shirt... 14,50$!!!!
I should have buy 2 of those!
I am so into black and white stripe right now... Simply love it!

 My everyday must : Dior moisturizing cream

 My first vintage pick: Faux fur vest

 Second vintage pick: Grandpa cardigan
Perfect with tight skinny jeans and a white tee!

And last but not least: Silver and lilac sweater.
Simple and confortable, what can I ask for?!

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