Blog Crush - Sincerely Jules ♥

I was exploring the World Wide Web, when I discovered Julie's blog: Sincerely Jules. And that's the story of how I spent 3 hours doing nothing that day! (I stopped when the post dated from 2009 if you know what I mean.) I couldn't stop pressing the NEXT button. The girl is gorgeous and she knows how to dress! I'm so inspired by my own wardrobe right now, probably because she use a lot of basics and stuff I have, like army jacket, denim vest, leather jacket, plaid shirt, summer dresses and t-shirts. But I love the most about this LA blogger, is that event when she wear something very expensive, she do it unpretentiously, it's always easy to paste and copy for our everyday style. 

Sincerely Jules, I'm having a big crush on you!

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