Zara Fall ♥

Once again, I went on Zara's website just to sneak a peek at the new collection, and I should not have! It's always like that when I shop online;  my life turn into a fiction movie where I have all the money in the world even when I'm broke as @uck! So it was a real torture. I think it's a girls issue that starts when we were young with Barbie. Actually, shopping online feels exactly like choosing clothes for the famous doll. Of course, I wish I was Barbie here, but lets be honest, I don't have 5 foot long legs! Anyways, if I had 871,17$ in the bank, here is what I'd do with it.

 Army shirt 79,90$

 White jeans 99,90$

 Studded leather jacket 299$

Jacket 219$

 Jeans with detail 59,90$

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