Birthday Wishlist ♥

Can you believe I had all I wanted for Christmas! I must have been VERY nice this year because I had EVERYTHING and much much more!!!! I had so many presents from jewelry to cookbook passing by tea, clothes, tarot card, snowboard gear and more! The only thing Santa forget is the Stone Cold Fox rope, but you know what, it's a good thing! Actually, I almost wish Santa has forgot more items on my list because after Christmas... It's my birthday. And who says birthday also says presents... more presents. And usually, when people ask me what I want for my Birthday, I just take my Christmas wishlist and just check what I already have. 

It took me so much time to make that christmas list and now I have to do it all again!!!! (A little pity here please) It's actually the best problem I had in a while so fixing it will be my pleasure. Fortunately, I'm still in the mood for gifts! Some people think it's great to have your birthday so close to Christmas and some totally don't. Well, it's sure that for the other 10 months of the year I don't have gifts, but you know what... I don't need any presents! Because I am the happiest girl for having such amazing friends and family all year long!  

If you still insist on giving me a present because I am such a kind person, well here is a couple ideas that I had since Christmas as well as my old idea, the only one left, the SCF rope! And for those of you readers who would like to wish me an Happy Birthday... I'll gladly take your wishes here, on the blog and on my Instagram @jessika_wilson. :)

Leather pants from Mink Pink

Diptyque Candle

I'm not sorry tank top from Unif (exclusivity Nasty Gal)

And last but not least...
I'd like a 4L of Laura Secord ice cream.
This ice cream and the David's Tea are the only 2 reasons I ever go to the mall, so if I could enjoy this delicious treat in my own place, It would be orgasmic!!!

Just a little inside here; last here, they (Laura) change the recipe of "croustillant à la française" and I was so mad... That for almost a year, I send complain e-mail and hate messages to the HQ.
Asking when they were gonna bring back the REAL "croustillant à la française"?
And you know what... they did it!
I don't know if they were tired of me or if we were a lot to complain but one thing for sure, I took part of it!
 So ice cream lovers of the world (at least Québec) should thank me for the biggest realisation of 2012 and enjoy the best ice cream in the world!

(This is who I negotiate with Laura!)

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