Osheaga 2012 ♥

There it is! I bought my tickets for Osheaga 2012. Everybody know what's Osheaga, but for the ones who just woke up from a 10 years coma, let me explain it to you. Osheaga is the best music festival in Montreal. 3 days of outdoor shows in an amazing set up with good artists and nice people. It's kind of a mini Coachella without the palm trees. The vibe is so nice when you're there, you don't wanna miss this. Last year, I wasn't there because I was in California (ok it was not that bad) but I was upset to miss 2 of my favorite bands : The Sounds and City and Colour. I must be lucky, because this years, City and Colour are back in Montreal for the event with The Blacks Keys, and Metric. And this is just for Sunday. Julien and I hesitated for a long time to know which day we're gonna choose because friday is also pretty amazing: Justice, Sugar Ros, Florence + The Machine, MGMT, Fun, Dum Dum Girls and Gary Clark Jr. And if you know me just a little, you know that I'm horrible at making choices so we bought both days. YEP, we're gonna be at Osheaga friday and sunday. I can't wait! Here's the lineup, see you there in august 

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