Zara - TRF ♥

There's 3 shops where I spend my money for clothes, first of all there's Kitsch (because it's an independent and exclusive boutique in Sherbrooke) there's Nastygal.com (because when I'm bored I easily let myself tempted by their amazing selection of clothes) and finally, there's ZARA, who just launch their TRF collection for April. GOD!!!!! I just visit the website and now, I'm craving a couples styles. The site is really well done for shopping, but you can't buy online which in my case, is a good thing! (Because I'm broke and I shouldn't buy anything) But for people with taste and money, there's no ZARA near Sherbrooke, the closest one is in St-Bruno. My point is that if we could shop online, I would probably have a bigger Visa bill right now and I would be waiting for all those (see my pics below) :

This one is my absolute favorite... I'm in love!

 Army Jacket 99,90$

 Leather Jacket 199,00$

 Faded t-shirt 39,90$

 Denim Shorts 45,90$

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